Game Review: Hoshi Saga

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

A friend sent me a link to a very nice online game called Hoshi Saga which I find to be intriguing and entertaining so I thought I'd post it here to share the fun.

Hoshi Saga in Japanese means Star Search and that is the main objective of the game; to find a star. So far there are 4 different installment of the game and each game is divided into 25-36 different small stages. Each stage utilizes a different design while the player trying to discover what the controls are and what it is required to solve the puzzle and find the star.

A lot of them are actually quite straight forward. I got stuck on one that actually requires me to type a sentence over and over again real quick. Some are a little annoying but altogether I had a great time going through the puzzles. Some stages are very artfully done, and others utilizes interesting concepts. They all have various difficulty levels. I would recommend starting the game with Hoshi Saga Ringo and then go backwards with Hoshi Saga 3, and then the original Hoshi Saga. If you got stuck the walkthroughs are here.

Most of them doesn't take half a minute to solve and you can stop anytime you want, your progress will automatically be saved on your computer. So it's perfect if you only wants to kill a minute or two.

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