Weekend Meme: Bold The Truth

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

This week has gone by incredibly fast but I didn't feel like I've accomplished much. Still selling books through Amazon, on Tuesday morning two FBI agents woke me up by knocking on my door and asked me whether I've noticed my neighbors down the hall from two years ago selling drugs, having loud parties or having Armenians coming and going, but I told them I was a bad neighbor and mostly kept to myself so that was it. They asked for my name and phone number, but they didn't even bother to introduce themselves which makes me wonder the legitimacy of the whole ordeal.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien is finally over which makes me a little sad and in the last episode when he touchingly advise his audience that cynicism is the least attractive quality and it accomplishes nothing touched a little too close to home. Is it possible that I can be less cynical? I thought cynicism is more based on reality and it gets people ready for disappointment but maybe I should rethink that.

Anyhow, I found this video on Serious Eats and the low budget constant repetition on the tag line is kinda mesmerizing. The jingle sorta reminds me of Jordy's Dur Dur D'être Bébé.

This week I found this meme at What If This Is As Good As It Gets?, It's a simple meme where you just have to Bold the statements you find to be true. Since I'm feeling lazy, this easy meme would work well.

* I have a serious attitude problem
* I hate repetitive surveys
* I dig 80s music
* I’m feeling pretty lonely right now
* Donnie Darko is really overrated
* I have a shell necklace
* Cats are my favorite animal
* I wish I was with my boyfriend right now
* My mother had me when she was too young
* I haven’t brushed my teeth yet today
* I love lollipops
* I hate chewing gum
* I once ate takeaway food three nights in a row
* Will Ferrell is hilarious
* I don’t think hats suit me
* I wear alicebands (for those who don't speak Brit)
* I have heard of the band Tears For Fears
* I don’t drive & I’m not sure if I ever will
* I’d rather be driven than drive myself
* My job consists of sitting around on my ass all day
* Oh no, the sun is out
* I miss last summer
* The good memories of my past make me want to cry
* I HATE Star Wars
* Angelina Jolie was a great actress in Girl, Interrupted
* I know where Shakespeare was born in England
* I’m not interested in Shakespeare or any of his plays
* The term “whatever” is used when the person doesn’t have anything better to say
* Zebra print is so effing tacky
* If I were to get fat, I wouldn’t care
* Girls who look anorexic, now that is repulsive
* If you were to give me $200 right now, I’d go right out & spend it all
* I want to go to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum
* I don’t know much about my country’s history
* I do not own a bikini
* I wear earrings everyday
* I had a very disturbing dream last night
* I can’t watch animals eating other animals on wildlife TV; it makes me so sad
* I love to read True Crime
* I would find it hilariously funny if Former President Bush tripped over his own two feet & fell off a cliff
* I live in America & do not have an American accent
* I can fake a Scottish accent
* Some music moves me to tears (most movies do)
* I have read the book Jane Eyre
* I love Borders bookstore
* I’d love to work there
* I HAVE worked there
* I have never purchased anything from Starbucks
* I can sing opera
* I have seen a picture of my parents on their wedding day
* My parents never married
* Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted
* I strongly believe in reincarnation
* The celebrity I’d most love to meet is dead
* I find Joaquin Phoenix highly sexilicious
* I call people “fools” a lot
* People in motorized wheelchairs make me laugh
* I have been caught singing into my hairbrush
* When I’m embarrassed I turn bright red
* I don’t blush
* I’m not squeamish at the sight of blood
* Guys who smell good really turn me on
* One of my favorite actors is Jim Carrey
* Kate Winslet is the perfect example of an English Rose
* I seriously think Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the ugliest female actresses out there
* I enjoy taking walks by myself in the summer
* One of my pets recently died
* I want to marry a fat old man with loads of cash
* I’m afraid of all animals with hooves
* I’m interested in the supernatural
* My mother is such a gossip

That's about it, have a great weekend!

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