And Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Right before the end of 2009, One Mrs. Iris Robinson excused herself from the public life of being UK's parliament member. Mrs. Robinson is the wife of Peter Robinson, the first Northern Member Assembly. Mrs. Robinson is also a born again Christian and a major homophobe. Right after a gay-bashing incident took place, Mrs. Robinson offered to refer the victim to psychiatric counseling and after being called on being a homophobe she compared homosexuals as murderers that can be redeemed by being baptized. Like any other born again Christians, she claimed that homosexuality is an abomination and the thought makes her sick and nauseous. She's also quoted that "There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children" So guess why holier-than-thou Mrs. Robinson is leaving the political field in the UK?

Mrs. Robinson first claimed to have been in poor physical and mental health, but it turned out that the source of her poor mental health is because she has been buggering the 21 years old Kirk McCambley, which should prove that there's nothing really wrong with her physical health. Kirk McCambley has been helping out in his father's famous butcher shop since he was 9 and apparently his father was a close friend of Mrs. Robinson since that time and the boy had known the woman since then. (Sounds a little bit like The Memoirs of a Geisha if you asked me.)

After Kirk's father has passed away when the boy was 19, he has started seeing Mrs. Robinson then 59 which is more than 3 times the teenager's age, intimately. Mrs. Robinson in turn persuaded her friend to invest in a cafe for Kirk McCambley, approximately £50,000 was funneled into the business and Mrs. Robinson got 10% of it as kickbacks through a check made to a church that she attends. Aside from that the Robinson husband and wife also claim salary and expenses from the £572,000 a year. Four of their family members also receives £150,000 annually. (Sounds a bit like Sarah Palin.) The scandal cutely nicknamed Cougargate further grew and it turns out she has had been seeing the Kirk McCambley's father, the butcher, before he passed amongst a few other men. After the relationship has gone sour, Mrs. Robinson asked for the money back even though it wasn't hers to start with, there's also questionable dealings that involves a few councils that she sat on to get the kid his cafe.

She tried to kill herself after the husband found out about her affairs, which is sad, but don't worry, apparently she got a second chance from god. "I do not deserve a second chance, but I have been given one. I have been forgiven by god." That's just nice. I do like my hypocrites to commit to their storyline fully while condemning others. Though it's sure that her husband's and her own political careers are pretty much over.

Over at Slog, Dan Savage summarized the categories of anti-gay bigots to be either assholes who are externalizing their own internal struggles against their gay natures and desires (Haggard, Craig, Crist, Ratzinger, et al) and assholes who are attempting to compensate for and draw attention away from their own moral shortcomings by attacking gay people (Vitter, Sanford, Ensign, Gingrich, et al). So maybe when someone jumps up and feel free to spread bigotry, the focus should be what the person is hiding. Maggie Gallagher doesn't appear to be attractive enough to be hiding a teenager as a lover, can she be a secret dyke?

No doubt your Kirk McCambley deserves the young entrepreneur awards just as much as the next guy, he seems incredibly resourceful himself. Oh and apparently Kirk McCambley had signed with Playgirl, so we'll sure be seeing some Levi-esque pictures soon.


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