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>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

Found some cool stop-motion videos over at Pink Tentacle and YouTube, I thought I'd share them. As an art form, it really require a high level of dedication, planning, creativity and artistry, it is from the truly talented. I hope you enjoy!

Minilogue/Hitchhikers Choice by Kristofer Ström. I really like his style of comics, it turns quite surreal near the end where he just manipulates things with his finger.

The creator who called himself “うp主" says he didn't use any photo-editing software. He created the whole video by just changing the position, focus, brightness, zoom, exposure and gain of his webcam. The song is called Bad Apple by Masayoshi Minoshima.

A Wolf Loves Pork by Takeuchi Taijin. I saw this a while back and baffled by the effort put into it, not to mention the thousands of photgraphs taken in order to make this. Just think about the photo printing costs.

Buenos Aires based visual artist Blu and North Carolina based artist David Ellis traveled to Italy to collaborate on this project called Combo. It's a loop that will replay in the middle of the clip, as long as you get the idea, I guess you don't have to watch it twice.

A video by Koichiro Tsujikawa for the band Cornelius' Beep It.

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