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>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two more friends just told me within these two days that they got laid off. One working for a bank and another working for a telephone company. So either they were unlucky enough to get caught at the back end of the recession or another wave just started again. Being the veteran of unemployment, I get to give them advice on what to do when the time comes, the least I can do even though it's not a pleasant task.

According to Maddow, the country has been doing better since Obama has taken charge. If the bikini charts are for real, then maybe we can all be a little bit more optimistic. Though as successful a president as he is described, I'm not feeling that he's picking on the tough fight or sticking to his guns.

Sometimes, I still hear about a bank here or there closing up. In response to the bailouts and unfair, abusive bank practice, there's a movement going on encouraging individuals to move their account and savings from big time bank that is holding the American economy hostage and charging outrageous fees to smaller bank that treats their customer with respect. That's an idea.

Customers should select the banks that works for them instead of penalize them at every step, sure the interest rate is important too. I have found a bank that opens exceptionally long hours and don't charge me bogus fees and I'm thankful. Even though now that TD Bank is not small enough to qualify for the movement's small bank guidelines, but at least I feel that the customer service is good enough. One of my favorite features of the bank is a coin counter that doesn't charge any fees to use. You dump your saved coins in the machine and it jingles gleefully while it counts and print out a receipt for you to go to the counter to collect paper money or deposit straight to your account. It's the little things in life.

If you;re interested to know more about the movement or see if your bank is small enough to help the cause, go to this site and find out.

I do hope the country will get into better shape soon.

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