Coveting My Friends' Vacation: A Photo Essay

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The weekend before the past one, 8 high school friends of mine decided to go to Eastern Taiwan for a 4 days vacation. They went to a different city each day and from the 1,000 pictures that they have accumulatedly taken, they seemed to have had a really great time and I really wish I was there too.

Taiwan much like part of China is known for their rocky hills and different body of waters that runs through them. Not particularly my speed.

Though I guess it can be cute.

Small towns are a lot more interesting.

At the last day, they stayed at a bed and breakfast by the sea that looks quite special.

Every room in the b&b has overtly cute designs and knick knacks to follow

Swings and stuff animals to make it cartoonish and homey. I'd love to live there.

And the view looks marvelous.

Breakfast looks good too. A perfect place for R&R. There's also two pools and a jacuzzi in the premise.

The thing about a trip to Taiwan that sounds so good to me though is the food. There's a shabu-shabu with two kinds of broth and thin sliced marbled beef amongst other seafood and such.

In Taiwan as well as some Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, you might find a street or two that are lined up with street vendors at night that sells local specialties.

These streets supplies one of my favorite easting activities that we called "Sweeping the Street". Here we see an oven in the process of toasting some sesame pepper buns.

Some giant grilled sausages

You can see various duck parts here, including wings, necks, heads, feet and offal.

Various meats on sticks. Bacon-wrapped quail eggs, sausages, cauliflowers and tofu waiting to be fried.

Spring rolls getting stuffed and wrapped.

Grilled calamari stacked. TWD$80 is about USD$2.50 each.

I really wish I could have been there.

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