Right-wingers Gone Wild

>> Thursday, January 07, 2010

In the past two days, a whole lot of crazy right-wingers had made news and apparently gone crazier. I wonder if we as people will eventually get desensitized with it.

At this point Tiger Woods' affairs should be old news but Fox News' "political analyst" Brit Hume has dug himself a hole by saying that Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity because it offers more forgiveness toward adultery than Buddhism and apparently he is defending his position now.

I guess Mr. Hume doesn't know much about Buddhism when he was speaking. Personally I think Buddhism offers the most leniency towards any crime. They were known to protect and hide even killers after they have made the decision to change and become monks. While Christianity uses guilt as a punishment to make people better, original sin is a head-scratching concept for me when I was in a Catholic school. Why did I have to feel bad for a crime that I haven't committed? The United States have a certain religious freedom when it comes to Judeo-Christianity, you can choose to be Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, or even Mormon or Jehovah Witness, but when you're outside of the realm, when your religion doesn't follow the same storyline, you're pretty much an outcast. I just like how some of them still has the gall to play the victims sometimes.


I guess Fox News has become a place where everyone feels free to say the craziest thing on their minds. I imagine if I'm invited to speak on Fox News, I will just burp out the most racist, sexist, xenophobic thought I've ever had. I think maybe that environment just nurture that kind of behavior.

Retired (thank god) Lt. General Tom McInerney here just advocate to racial profile and strip search every 18-28 Arab men that's trying to get in the country. Um, where do I apply for that job? It's funny that even the Fox News reporter is a little bit shocked at the idea or maybe she's just faking repulsion. Honestly, what guy would tack a bomb anywhere near their penis? By the time you contemplate whether you really want to lit it on fire, you'd already been pinned down. Go to the bathroom, take it off before lighting it.


Wel, well, well... we always like it when the crazies fight amongst themselves, to have Glenn Beck denouncing the Birthers and the Birthers trying to take him down is just a gift from little baby Jesus. I wonder why Glenn Beck bothers to do that in the first place, is he trying to focus the crazies' energy on more important issues like teabagging and stopping health care reform. (haha... teabagging) Or is he afraid that he might get charged with treason or something alike? Hmm...


Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern took the bait and she's now taking marriage protection to the next level. She's trying to ban divorce in Oklahoma. lol.

If passed, people will not be able to use incompatibility as a reason to divorce if the couple:

- Has living minor children from the marriage.
- Has been married for 10 or more years.
- Either party files a written objection for the divorce.

Since I can't get married, this is entertaining for sure.


Paranoid Michelle Bachmann thinks that the census is a plot to use the information to monitor citizens and send them in camps when needs be.

This is a little sad. I wish she can find something else to spend her time on and be more protective to the country as a whole but I'm sure she can't and won't.

Politics is getting to be an episode of Twilight Zone or Ripley's Believe it or not. It's so trashy and illogical that it's like reading trashy tabloids. Has it always been like this or has the ease of communication through TV and internet made the symptoms that much more obvious?

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