The Fighting Shirt

>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quite a few years ago, I was obsessed about the Victorinox (Swiss Army) brand of clothing. Maybe I like the plain white cross logo or the little shield resembles my old catholic school emblem, I don't know. The clothes were less sporty and more preppy back then and I liked preppy. Other than a grey sweater with a white cross that everybody seemed to have, I have a sweatshirt and a long sleeve white tee and a short sleeve green tee with a black shield and a white cross in the middle. Even with its hard collar, I wear the green tee occasionally as an undershirt, but lately I've been seeing some odd occurrences.

I'm generally a pretty laid back guy and only go out drinks every once in a while. Though ever since I've met the boyfriend, I've been going out a lot more to escort and to enjoy his company. A few months ago, wearing the green tee shirt I've gotten into the second bar fight in my life. The first one was when I just broken up with an ex and he harassed me when he saw me out drinking. This time, the guy was drunk and elbowing me in the dance floor, and when the boyfriend press him away, he threw his beer on my back. I tried to reason with the guy but he turned out to be an asshole and pretend he can't hear me because I'm not Chinese. So I pour my entire drink on his head. We didn't get into a fight per se, but I got mighty upset that I was prompted to do what I did. I was probably more upset of my inability to let things go.

Last week, wearing the same t-shirt under my sweater I ventured out with the boyfriend to the once a month Asian night in a neighborhood gay bar. We were meeting up with a few friends to have a few drinks. Hanging out with about 6 of my friends around a table near a pool table, we were doing the usual chatting, checking things out when a few people started playing pool near us. All the sudden a guy stepped behind my friend and start ordering them to move aside because he needed space to make his shot. He didn't ask politely and he just kinda commanded us to move. There weren't much space to go anywhere and being confronted with such rude behavior had us in shock. The bar and tables are arranged in such a way that we just plain not knowing where to go. Words were exchanged because we didn't get out of the way fast enough.

I was furious standing in the side eyeing this guy and when his set was over and about to play again, I told him there's another table 6 feet away with no tables surrounding him. Quickly, he stepped into my space while putting his large size belly on me and told me that he wasn't gonna move. It was quite the wrong move to be aggressive with me, because I dislike to back down. So we start yelling at each other, I ask him to back off and he refused and start pointing his finger on my face. It could quickly turn into a bad situation since I have empty beer bottles nearby. Good thing another patron or maybe he was hired to maintain peace stepped between us. Of course, for the rest of the night I was fully aware of the location of this guy and his friends, I don't let up easily. I was ready for physical confrontation and since a friend had been jumped before I like to get myself ready for anything.

So that's my third almost bar fights in my life, other than punching the exboyfriend that harassed me, I have never been asked to leave a bar and I haven't really have other physical altercations. It's just weird that both times I was wearing that green tee shirt and hearing Black Eye Peas "I've Got a Feeling", though I think I'm gonna rule the song out. Maybe it's the cross on the shirt made me more self-righteous than usual, maybe both times I was drinking harder drinks, maybe the shirt was possessed, but I think I'm still gonna keep it around just in case I need to fight purposefully.

Last night, the boyfriend and I had a small fight. He was taking his tone with me after drinking a few beers. I asked him to leave because he was making me upset. Then I realized that I was wearing my fighting shirt.

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