Creepy, Sinister Looking, Senile Religious Men

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

It's tragic over in Haiti's. It's hard to predict earthquake and even if you know it's coming, what can you do and how much time do you have to do anything about it? Haiti is already the poorest country in South America. The capital city Port-au-Prince is where it got hit, with a population of about 1 Million, it would mean 10% of the people living there are now dead. Very devastating.

Imagine my surprise when I see this:

Old kook Pat Robertson coming out to say Haiti sorta deserves it, so we shouldn't be too sad about. "They made a pact with the devil, true story!" Wow, how does it make you feel that your fellow countryman is the first one coming out to kick a country when it's down? Reverend, my ass. Truly, my ass might have more Christian values. The so-called Christian values in this country are so severely distort that people are proud to be god-fearing. Fred Phelps and him seems to be grumpy old folks that got a bit respect when they were younger and now has gone to the extreme.

When Strom Thurmond died, a lot of people were criticized for being cheery and for speaking ill of the dead. Personally I have no problems with that, Pat Robertson's comments were definitely speaking ill of the dead and by tens of thousands at a time. I think I'll cherish the day when Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps pass so I can have the opportunity to return the favor.

I wonder if these people are still alive in their old age because neither heaven nor hell want them.

Haitians are in fact 80% Catholics with only less than 1% of voodoo practitioners. So the making a pact with the devil thing is of course bullcrap. It's just a racist misguided observation. We all seek out information to add conviction on what we believe in, no matter how nonfactual the information may be, but to say it out loud on national TV is quite something else. Pat Robertson is senile and should really not be on TV to express his confused point of views anymore, maybe the television channel should not have him stir up controversy to make itself remain relevant. At the same time, maybe the fellow Christians should come out denouncing Pat's point of view to distance themselves from him. Though the Catholics are keeping busy hating gays and molesting kids.

Is it me or are these three men creepy and sinister looking to the max? The monstrous old lady in the Legion trailer has nothing on them.

Text the word "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 via your cell phone company to Red Cross to help Haiti. If I have learned anything from the last earthquake in China is that people are very resilient, we can pull through from any natural disasters, depressions, terrorist attack or anything else that get put on us. I just sorry for the loss and any emotional or physical harm that they have suffered and all these crazy nuts are not helping.

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