May Is Chocolatey Sweet, Pt. 2

>> Tuesday, May 05, 2009

After another night of hanging out at the bear/leather dive with CuteCub, I hung out with the gaysians for Dim Sum on Sunday. The weather had been dreary all weekend but it was Equality Forum's Sunday Out event where a march, rally and street fair were to commence in the name of equality. SF mayor Gavin Newsom came out to accept an award for fighting for Gay Marriage in San Francisco. Even though I'm not fond of politicians, I went along with my friends to see him talk and got a kick of my friends clapping for him just because he's cute. He just looks a bit too slick, but I guess it's a good thing to have a politician on your side.

The rain is a major factor that kept people from coming out. The street fair was quiet and pretty much a bust. More than half of the vendors didn't show up and the rest of them were trying to get out of the rain as soon as possible. CuteCub sought me out in the rain, we walked around and got some freebie gay movies. After walking by the rally and listened for a bit, we got to an used bookstore where I accumulated tons of credits but can't find anything to spend on. This time, I found a series of Charlaine Harris books that must have been recently left there. CuteCub found a few books on quizzes and games. Since I've met CuteCub, my book collection had vastly increased in size. I guess it's unavoidable, he's a librarian after all.

Adele was in town to perform at the Electric Factory and I've gotten tickets a month back for us to go see her. So we went out to a bar relatively closer to the venue, National Mechanics, for an early dinner. While the food was not bad, the service was incredibly slow. We weren't served after 15 minutes of our arrival, one bartender in particular wasn't doing anything but chatting with his friends in the corner. I would have walked out if I were by myself. The place was designed to resemble a monastery which was quite neat, and I got some education on beers.

We arrived 45 minutes before the show was supposed to start but the place was already fully occupied by straight women, their boyfriends and gay guys, there were no seats to be found. A band called The Script opened the show with 7 songs, they are from Dublin and their sound is very "boy band", only their members do play instruments. I thought it sounded like something you can find on the soundtrack of Dawson's Creek or The Hills. It turned out I was right, one of their songs was featured on The Hills. I didn't care for them much, but apparently "Drunk Girl" in front of me did with her enthusiastic screams and grinding dance. I think if I were a straight guy, I'd be very excited by her pseudo-lapdance but I have to admit I was kinda bothered by it. Ugh.

I'm a bit disappointed with my camera phone, the old one who fell into the washing machine seems to be performing better than its newer model, maybe I'll get an iPhone next time.

Adele came out not much later and performed around 12 songs. The set was pretty much about the same as her previous concert in Philly. Her voice wasn't in tip top shape, probably from over utilization but we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We saw another gay Asian/White couples there and CuteCub commented that we are not the only interracial couples. Even though we have been seeing each other very frequently, I was reminded by various talks we had that he's not looking for love and I have been struggling a bit with that for a while and that comment spun me around a little bit more.

After the concert ended, we went back to my place and we talked about the possibilities of being boyfriends. He said he loves me. This incredibly cute, handsome, hunky, sexy and smart guy loves me. :)

So ladies and gentleman, I now officially have a boyfriend.

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