The Japanese-Inspired Post

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

Firstly, the Japanese had done it! Turning people gay with their homoerotic video games once again, millions of people will be exposed to this and eroticize muscle men in thongs. Not to mention polar bears as well.

According to the clip, the game is about a bunch of muscle men chasing another muscle man and later on an alien who stole their protein powder. They run through walls with different shapes on the wall that they'd have to match like another Japanese-inspired game show Hole In The Wall.

Secondly, BL came out from his academics and rejoined society the other week and after hanging out one night, he lent me a Japanese cartoon series called Fushigi Yugi and sat me down to watch 6 episodes. Stupid show, really... It's like Sailor Moon but with dumber storylines, making things out of nothing, but since I've started it I've finished like near 30 20-minute episodes over the last 3 days. I haven't even had much time blogging, ugh... Well, only 4 more DVDs left.

Third, I have been hoping to go to NYC with the boyfriend like forever and the boyfriend finally agreed to go with me. Woohoo! I've been urging him to go with me because I want to experience the city with him and partly, I've been wanting to go back on my diet and I want to go to all those great Japanese eatery in the city before doing so. Oh the food court of Mitsuwa is calling and so is Todai buffet and the soft pork bone ramen at Ajisen. Given, I don't think I want to overwhelm my boyfriend with all these things, but at the very least I think we'd enjoy Mitsuwa and the giant Japanese supermarket compound. Since the boyfriend likes Japanese stuff, it should be enjoyable for us both. I just hope my walking habit would be ok for him. We're going to stay over at a hotel near Chelsea with a king bed, could be fun.

Lastly, the boyfriend told me that he's gonna be going to Japan for vacation for 10 days. I'd love to be able to experience Japan with him but it doesn't seem quite feasible for me right now. (Unless I win the lottery before that... lol.) So instead he's going with some other dude, I don't quite know what to think about that. I do believe I have a good boyfriend and he deserves to have a great time. I'm already missing him even the trip is still months away. Maybe a little separation will make the heart grows fonder?

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