Tops Vs. Bottoms

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday, porn site The Sword (NSFW) came up with a chart comparing the tops and bottoms of the top 10 cities in the U.S.

From the chart, I guess the more north east you are the more chance that you'd encounter a top? I don't really know how representative this is to the truth, since it is based on Craigslist, a site where one individual can post multiple posts looking for sex a day, I don't think it is all that accurate. The article itself is really too simplistic and there was no concrete data to back it up, no age or cultural analysis. A closeted vs. out data will make it so much more interesting. If only I have a membership on some cruising site with a easier search engine like Manhunt or, maybe I'd be able to compose a study of my own.

Personally, my life experience told me that 80% of the gay populations are bottoms and if the guy claims that he's a top, it might be due to his phobia of pain or his machismo hang-ups. I might be too judgmental, but some people later in life can get over the pain and become a full-fledged bottom. I don't know about the hang ups though.

A fellow Asian friend who's a self proclaimed flaming sissy fag insisted that he's a top and self-described as a social bottom. Just another term to add to the confusion and boggle your mind. I guess it'll make me a social top, in this sense. Maybe the key is to be truly versatile, then there won't be much of an issue anymore.

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