On Carrie Prejean

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keith Olbermann did a read on Miss Prejean and I hope this is the last thing that we'll ever heard form her. Honestly, what's the big deal? I've tried to just block her out for the past week but now it had become somewhat annoying to hear about her again. She's a beauty contestant from California running from Miss USA who's ungrateful to all the homos around her. Who does she think do her hair and makeup? Design her clothes and shoes? Coach and organize the pageant? So her father left her mom for another guy but you can at least be skillful answering to the question of a known fag Perez Hilton. "I'm glad I live in a country where you can choose between gay marriage and opposite marriage." No Carrie, we can't choose and that's why people are jumping on you from left and right like a pack of wolves.

I'm especially dismayed now that NOM and Family Research Council thinks that she's a martyr because Carrie had lost her crown seemingly because she spoke against gay marriage instead of poor judgment and that ass-backward answer. She's not a martyr until she's dead and maybe the right thing for us them to do is for the media whore Donald Trump to hire someone to kill her and blame it on the pageant official choreographer. No, I don't hate her that much, I just wish she'd just vanish already. Why are we making such a big deal out of a blonde? What about the other brunette or red heads that haven't received a gift of implants and haven't post nude before?

I'm especially outraged when Donald Trump says that the controversy is so big because of Carrie's beauty is so big. What nonsense is that? You can just utter bullshit like that in a press conference. Oh you could, this is USA and free speech means you can say whatever the fuck you want. By the way, can Donald Trump vanish too? He's practically bankrupt so why would people want to be his apprentice and why would Joan Rivers cry for joy when she won? Trump casinos suck! They are the worst of them all, gaudy and old and lack of repair. And her bringing up the epic battle between Jesus and Satan in her head IS a bit cuckoo.

Really, now that Ms. Prejean stays Miss California, can it be the end of that, please? Okay, I would allow her coming up with her own line of Jesus-loving handbags like Monica Lewinsky did but that's it.

Look Miss Panama thought Confucius invented confusion and he's from Japan... She's just as dumb.

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