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>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Freemont Zombie Walk 2007

In the war of vampires vs. zombies, I'm taking the vampire's side. (True Blood is coming back with its second season and its writer Charlaine Harris just came out with her latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series Dead and Gone) But then I've noticed a lot of circulation in the zombie culture lately or maybe I should say that I've been introduced to a lot of zombie things since I've been with CuteCub.

The past weekend there were some wonderful street fairs going on in Philly. One of the smallest which happened one block from us featured a pretty good band playing on the street, one of the biggest one in town happened in Rittenhouse Square which was 5~6 blocks long with a lot of restaurants showcasing their food and music and freebies from banks. It was a nice day so tons of people came out and just to get away from this craziness we went into Barnes & Nobles to look at books and came across a showcase of zombie books. Other than your standard zombie horrors, there is a survival guide written just in case there's a zombie outbreak. There's a love story written about the forbidden love between a zombie and a human. There's a better living guide for zombies that all humans should take examples from, a haiku poetry book for zombies. They even rewrote Jane Auten's Pride and Prejudice to include zombies.

On 8Asians, Ernie introduced a game called Plants vs. Zombies and its catchy theme song sung in both Japanese and English by artist Laura Shigihara. Both the song and the game are amazingly cute. On the website, you could also make your own Zombatar. It's fun even though I don't know what color my skin will turn when I turn into a zombie and they don't quite have my hairstyle. lol.

Well enjoy the song.

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