Weekend Meme: Honest Meme

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey, this week Vic at Maybe It's Just Me... tagged me with this meme which saves me some work finding one on my own. Thanks, Vic!

So this week's meme is about honesty, I'll have to find 10 facts about myself that I find hard to admit and do that.

1. I'm not too sure where it originated but I've always had low self-esteem, maybe it came from the fact that I'm a semi-orphan or maybe the fact that I'm Chinese and it comes with the culture. But I'm on my way to liking myself more and more.

2. I'm defiant in nature, if you tell me there's something that I can't have and that's all I want. If you tell me there's something that I can't do and I don't see why, I'll do it just to bug you. You're not the boss of me even if you are my boss. I'm easily manipulated that way. lol

3. I'm both terrified and mesmerized by snakes. I don't think I'm terrified by boas since they seemed relatively harmless but I'm scared of pretty much all the other snakes. I believe that had something to do with being brought to the Thailand Snake Zoo when I was 6~7 and having pictures taken next to a king cobra. I do think their movement and color and shapes are mesmerizing but I'd jump if I spot any string shaped object on the ground near me.

4. I have poor working ethics, I tend to procrastinate and not do things until I have enough pressure built on my back.

5. I also seemed to lose interest in things rather easily. I have the energy pattern of a dynamite, very hot and very loud but also very short-term. I've yet to finish my painting, or my recipe project or my knitting project... Ugh.

6. I'm a well-known spender. I like to spend on my friends and I always have justifications to buy electronics, gadgets and clothes. My grandma would get on my case all the time about it and I wished I've listened to her. Three years ago I started to log my spendings and I started to manage my finance a lot better, I've also started to save a little.

7. Born on the day right on the Cancer-Leo cusp, I do consider myself a full-fledged Cancer. I'm highly domestic, I can stay at home and cook all day. Cleaning is another matter.

8. Like Vic, I'm obsessed with Polo. I didn't even know it but I have their socks, undies, a duffel coat, a corduroy vest, shirts, rugby shirts, bed sheets and blankets. Polo is a popular name brand amongst Asians. One of my bed sheet sets features a lot of bears wearing Polo designs and without consciously knowing it, I bought the exact clothing on one of the bears. lol.

9. And because I'm good at math, and was the math champ of my former college, I do think I'm smarter than some people. Also I mean to do good most of the time, so I do consider myself a good person. I guess on some level, most of us mean to be good.

10. It's not easy to get on my bad side, but once someone gets there it's even harder to get out of my bad side. I'm very vengeful and I hold grudges. It's hard for me to forget and forgive. It's easy for me to cut someone out of my life completely but with that said, it is very hard to get me mad and respect goes a long way.

And that's me... play along if you want. Have a good weekend everyone!

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