Catching My Breath After The Long Weekend

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Even though it's not as glamorous as Sue's trip to Francesco and Damien's wedding in Madrid, the boyfriend and I had a good time in NYC for the weekend. The weather was pretty good and time goes fast when we're looking at various stuff and even though we walked around for hours, we made up for it by eating Japanese food the whole way through. Hopefully all the good stuff I ate will hold me through my upcoming diet.

Other than walking through the few Japanese bookstores and the knick-knack stores in town, the highlight would have to be going out to the Japanese buffet where the boyfriend got interviewed by a Korean PBS-like station about the benefit of eating seafood. He'll probably show up on Korean TV program, my boyfriend is so smart and handsome.

After having fun at the great buffet, we went bar hopping through the comfortable low-key Nowhere bar to Section 8, The Hose, Pheonix, to Ramrod/Dugout, Hangar Bar, Pieces, Stonewall and finally The Web. Personally I like Nowhere the best, I feel very comfortable in that space, it feels like someone's basement/game room. I've heard a lot of good thing about the bear bar Dugout which is now Ramrod, but when we went in there were only half a dozen people, so we left shortly. We went to gawk at some go-go boys at the Hangar which also had a big vodka selection. Asian bar The Web was celebrating their 18th year anniversary and they had a lot of drag performance and a raffle drawing with tons of prizes, but we didn't win anything.

I found out no matter what size the bed we're sleeping in, the boyfriend will still snuggle close to me, which is really cute and dear. Here he is being hiding behind me:

Besides some pictures, we also acquired a lot of snacks which'd probably finished pretty soon and then it's back on the diet for me.

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