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>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Saturday, it'll be the Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival, where the Chinese celebrates the time where the moon is supposed to be the fullest and clearest. As a celebration, we eat moon cake, which is a pastry filled with lotus paste and usually stuffed with a salted duck egg yolk. When you cut the cake in the middle, you should get the image of a yellow moon in a dark sky. It's awfully high in calories and cholesterol, even when you eat 1/8 of that small cake, it'd fill you up in hours. Even though it taste pretty good, it's not something that people seek out during the rest of the year. So people keep reinvent the meaning of a moon cake to peak sales.

Over the year, people reinvented the outer skin and replace it with mochi, lighten up the lotus paste, replace it with some kinda ice cream and change the flavor into strawberry, mango, durian, whatever would intrigue people to try and buy. Sell them in eights because that's good luck. When I was reading my food porn blog Serious Eats yesterday, I found this:

"Moon" cakes in the shape of bums. Not exceptionally clever unless you know Cantonese and mahjong colloquialism, but then i think it's too hard to explain those terms to non-mahjong players. I kinda wish the filling is not the traditional dark lotus paste though, or maybe I do... Each of them are sold individually in mysterious unmarked boxes for HK$65 each (Approx. US$ 8.35), you'll have to buy a whole bunch in order to collect all the styles. Or, if you have the dough you can buy the whole set for about US$ 105 for all eight of them in a deluxe collection box, which is more than silly. Moon cakes are not collectibles and they have an expiration date. If you mark it too expensive and nobody buys them, they'll go bad and after this Saturday, nobody will touch these until next year, however, I do appreciate the creativity.

It is sold by a store called G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) and when I look into it, the store seems to be very cool and contain a lot of item with Hong Kongism that's quite unique. Further search Flickr, I found out that it is indeed the nostalgia rabbit hole that I thought it'd be. Models of old street scenes, old items and furnitures. The quick fixes, of course, are the T-shirts. Full of inside jokes in the forms of Chinglish and other forms.

It might not look like anything special but "Delay no More" sounds like "F#*k Your Mom" in Cantonese.

Rising a kite or a flag means getting a hard on.

In the same spirit, shooting the planes means masturbating.

Endangered - Chinese Buildings and Chinese Dogs (Mongrels)

Charm Bracelet (from top right, clockwise): aluminum mail box, giant iron tailor scissors, piggy bank, tall hot water bottle, spit pot, red candles. Oh god, nostalgia.

I've already send out my minions to secure one of the delay no more t-shirts. I must have it! And maybe one of these days I could go back and go to the Delay No Mall myself for a shopping spree. Meanwhile, please enjoy the typical skyblocking scenes in Hong Kong.

I miss my city sometimes.

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