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>> Monday, September 21, 2009

This past Saturday, me and The Boyfriend spent some time helping out a hot bartender in need. I've seen the bartender around since I've moved to Philly some 12 years ago, good looking, well built, muscular guy of mixed race. He looks Latino but he's actually Filipino. I wouldn't mind seeing his in a porno.

Anyhow, during the past 12 years we've seen each other passing by and since he's grown a reputation of mixing wonderful drinks, I've made an effort to seek him out to mix my drinks whenever I'm at his bar. The boyfriend has also befriended the guy, again because he's hot, and also because he's an artist and the Boyfriend likes that.

So on Friday night while we were out having a drink, he talked with the bartender for a while and the bartender was looking for someone to help him make a website so he can showcase his art some where where potential buyers can see his work and have a way to get in touch with him. The boyfriend being a nice guy volunteered me out to make one for him, honestly I don't mind since I have a lot of free time at hand and since one of the few hot bartenders in town has left his post, we'd be spending a lot of time with this one and it's always good to have a bartender owing you a favor. So I've given him my contact info and he already jumped on the offer and set up to meet us in a coffee shop the next day.

Can I tell you how bad it is to wake me up with a text early morning confirming our date and then show up half and hour late not even apologizing? I digested it as the norm in the world of beautiful muscled people who used to get their way and be quickly forgiven for it, like that Jon Hamm 30 Rocks episode. For shortly after our first seat down conversation, we quickly understood that Bartender guy is really not the sharpest tool in the shed. The guy doesn't have his own computer or an email address for that matter, but he does produce decent art and out of his connections, he managed to get a few exhibition going on and in touch with a hotel that would purchases his arts.

After much contemplation for fast results, we created a email account for him and opted to put his work on Flickr which is a place that can act to showcase his pieces, uploaded his work and taught him how to proceed adding a description and tags, so he can do it for himself in the future. As I was weirded out by how he showed his appreciation while putting his arm around me and kissing me on the cheek, I was thinking maybe that's a part of the pretty people factor as well. Good thing he solidify the deal with buying me and the boyfriend dinner, for me that's the faster way to leave a good impression. Food is the fastest way to my heart.

Maybe I've gain a friend?

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