Inner City Kids Hunting Asian For Sports

>> Friday, September 04, 2009

Asian students in South Philadelphia High School were reported to be attacked by gangs of African American students. These incidents usually occur with a number of African American students singling out an Asian student that doesn't speak much English. Emptying out their pockets and school bag, flushing the contents in the bathroom, name calling, verbal threats, petty robbery, punching, regular bully stuff. After a particular incident where a black student threw a carton of milk on a Chinese student, 30 kids jumped 5 Asian kids in the nearby subway station. Asian students are living in fear for their own safety. In a cry for help, they wrote letters, sign petitions, staging walkouts but the school had not done anything to help. Some students have to drop out and others are discouraged to go to school.

Another Asian student at Fels high School got attacked by 3 black student where they continuously beat him in the head which caused a concussion and his nose to break. He was left at the stairs with blood running down his face but no students or faculties offered to help. A safety officer offered to take him to the nurse after he leaves the building but no one called 911 and no arrest were made. in another incident, 15 African American students jumped 4 Asian students which results in hospitalizations of two.

I guess bullying is the norm and the majority of students in Philly are black and it is true that people will pick on the alone and unusual, so maybe it is not purely a racism issue but just because it might not be a racist issue doesn't mean it's not a big problem. Kids are beating other kids up like it's fun and no one is holding them accountable for their actions. Maybe they don't feel like they have a future, so they need to act out by picking on someone and I guess Asians are the new Jews. The school trying to cover those incidents up to protect their image. There's no easy way to deal with this, installing more security cameras is one but then you're really just sacrificing your privacy for safety.

I remember one of the few racist things happening to me was when a couple of black kids back in Providence drove by the school asking for directions and when I offered my help they screamed out "You!? How are you gonna help me? Are you gonna teach me how to drive to China!?!" and then they laughed and drive off. Stereotypically, black kids seems to be more rowdy and lack control of their decibels. But then in every race there are great folks and people that you'd rather not know. I just hope this targeted violence will end before someone bring a gun to school and shoot down his bullies.

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