Movie Preview: Queer & Asian

>> Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We all have our gay experiences and our racial experiences so it's hard for me to relate to some, especially if they are drag queens and effeminate young men. I have seen my share of documentaries in gay & lesbian movie festivals, most of them are like lectures preaching tolerance which being a gay man myself already have gotten the point. I'm pretty sure they are like a commercial for the already converted, it's extremely for the homophobic to seat through a 90-minutes gay film and then realize they have been wrong all along, right? That would be to idealistic and naive.

Well, one of my friend has posted this clip on Facebook and when I watched it, it surprised me as I find out one of the interviewee in the clip is my other friend Noel. Noel had been hanging out with me for quite a while and even though I knew he was from New York and worked at the famous Asian bar The Web, I had no idea that he was a go-go boy. The completely naked picture of him on the wall craftily hiding his privates from view kills me. It'd provide good gossip and teasing material.

The movie is still under development but if it ever goes out to the theaters or in a movie fest, I'm sure we'll go to watch it together with him and hee-ing and haw-ing all through it. Hopefully we won't get thrown out of the theaters.

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