Movie Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (3D)

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

In June, when me and the Boyfriend went to see Up in 3D. We also happened to see the 3D trailer of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I'm quite into food and food porn alike and it sounds great to see food flying at you in 3D even though it's merely animation. The concept also reminded me of (perhaps) a TV episode of Scrubs where a patient's wish was putting her feet in a tub of spaghetti.

The story itself is quite simple. On an island off the southeastern coast, a little boy named Flint Lockwood grew up wanting to be an inventor but produced a series of failures. He has invented spray on shoes to cure the epidemic of untied shoelaces but the shoes stuck on his feet and he can't remove them. He has successfully given rats wings but they've became the worst pests on the island. He created a remote controlled TV robot who rampaged and ran out. But through it all, he hasn't given up. His latest project is a machine who would change the molecule in water and turn it into food and things go awry when it accidentally launched into the sky.

The movie was charismatic, the 3D were decent, there were food falling everywhere, it brings out the kid in you but there's not much food flying at you. The jokes were subtle, quick, on point and at times, silly. The boyfriend and I were cracking up the first two-third of the movie. We seemed to be the only people to laugh, probably because we watched the 4pm show and aside us there were only maybe 7 other people in the theater and 3 of them were kids. You can't really do subtlety with kids.

I'm quite impressed with Bill Hader's voice acting, even though he's quite a few notches down the list of my favorite SNL actors of all time. Anna Faris sounds very much like Drew Barrymore. Neil Patrick Harris plays a monkey's translator voicebox which is a very insignificant role for him to take. Mr. T's voice is very recognizable as the ninja-like black cop, but that's because he's awkward and can't go out of the Mr T. box and speak naturally. It's distracting, really.

One of the movie reviewers took the movie to the next step and said it is actually an activist piece about obesity and gluttony which went on criticizing they not being able to deliver a moral of the story, but for me that is all good clean fun. Though I would never want it to rain food, it'd be so unsanitary... lol.

Though I might be craving meatballs for a while, I had a fun time. B

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