A Belated Rant on Desperate Attention Seekers

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There is a problem with people like Kanye West and Joe "You Lie!" Wilson. Attention seekers who does outrageous acts for the wrong reasons. By shouting "You Lie!" South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson fulfilled his obligation to his campaign funders, fuel the fire to the racist disparities, gain more crazy right-wing supporters, and distract the focus from the address on health care reform. Just as one of the white house health care reform address where it ended with the president's comment on the stupidity of the Cambridge police, the reaction of the public have shifted to the redneck who yelled at the forum. For all I know, Joe Wilson's moment could have been premeditated. I wouldn't be surprise next time if one of the other hicks would run down, climb up and grab the mic.

Kanye West had always have a big ego, that's not exactly news. Even he had spoken up against homophobia and quite friendly to the gay community, there is a line where too much is too much and I think he has just crossed it. Muscially, he hasn't been showing much brilliance and maybe his career will go down the drain along with the soon death of autotune. Gotta make the news somehow, right? He could have been drunk and drugged up when he did what he did to Taylor Swift, but it's still extremely rude. Not that I know anything about Taylor Swift, her music and the now award-winning music video. I'm pretty sure that Beyonce's video is a lot better, it makes absolutely no sense that Beyonce's video won the best video of the year but not the best female video of the year. I'm sure MTV's standard to give out their awards had more to do with keeping a good relation with different companies than legitimacy of the videos themselves, so really what's the point?

Giving Kanye interviews after interviews about his lewd act just falls right into what Kanye wants and that's to talk about himself in all CAPS or not. That's what we call positive reinforcement. Oh that Kanye, that's just like him. Oh that Joe Wilson, he's just a good ol' boy who can't hide his emotions. No, even though I don't know anything about Taylor Swift, I'd rather change the focus and talk about What the hell was Lady Gaga's performance about? Or What's with the red tie on Obama and the red suits on Pelosi (and Clinton) and was that intentional to have the speech be in front of the red part of the American Flag? And What color was Michelle Obama wearing? It's not looking that great on her. That's how I deal with assholes, I rather pretend they don't exist.

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