Music Invasion: Retro Circa 1989

>> Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I have no idea why but I have a strong preference for female singers. Maybe I identify myself with them emotionally somehow being a gay man and all. Living in Hong Kong has given me a unique blend of music, since we were governed under the British and the city itself was very much a metropolitan with visitors from all around the world.

The year of 1989 was quite vibrant in the music scene, at least for me, I think that's the year that I got my own cassette player and got a good enough allowance to invest in some tapes. Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1812 was my first tape and a brilliant one at that. Lisa Stansfield's R&B single All Around The World was playing everywhere.

Another European lady with dark hair and neon white make up is Basia, who came out with an album called London Warsaw New York which was jazzy and catchy. I especially liked Cruising For Bruising. Apparently she just returned to the music scene after 15 years of hiatus and released her fourth album in the past March.

K.D. Lang came into fame by singing a duet Roy Orbison in a remake of his classic "Crying". Watch the video below as she's walking into the spotlight. Can you really not tell that she was a dyke?

There's also news about The Cranberries, a group that was formed that very year to get back together this year. I really loved them then but now my affection had dwindled down after their third album. They might be getting back together and they might have new things to say but does anyone care-e-e? does anyone care-e-e?

Oh, good memories.

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