Disturbing The Peace

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At midnight Sunday night, the fire alarm in the building right next to me started beeping, there was a smell in the air that resembles fresh baked cake and the alarm went on and on. It's not the first time that there's a fire around my neighborhood so I watched closely for a while to see if it was anything serious. Nope, no smoke, no strange blazes of flame, the family downstairs were sitting on in their "yard" and had no intention of fleeing, everything seems fine. After what it seems to be an hour later, the sirens of a fire truck came by, stopped, and left 15 minutes after, but the fire alarm just keep beeping and beeping with no end in sight (or should I say earshot?). I guess no one living in the building knows how to turn the fire alarm off. I couldn't sleep and the beeping was more than annoying, it drove me wild until I was absolutely exhausted at 5 am.

Around 8am, the voices of kids from the same building came out yelling while they go to school. Twelve o'clock the father coughing while talking on the cell phone. Seven o'clock through ten o'clock, the father and a friend yelling and screaming possibly to a ball game. It really gets on our nerves sometimes. It haven't been like this before until last summer. It's especially getting on my nerve since the lack of sleep. I started wondering if it would have been a good thing if the building had burned down before or after the fire alarm went on since if it's after the firemen had gone, they won't come back thinking it was a false alarm, but then I don't have any control who would have moved in afterwards and the construction of a new building would be even noisier and since it was just next door, there's no telling whether a rundown building like the one I lived in won't caught on fire and leave me homeless, so I've kept my urge inside my arsonous mind.

Other than that my weekend had been quite excellent. Spent two nights sleeping next to the Boyfriend, which always make me very happy being able to wake up next to him. Saturday, I went to a Moving/BBQ/mahjong party with friends. One of our friends is moving from a $300 all inclusive place to a $900 one-bedroom 45 minutes away the city and he had to change 3 different public transports to get to work from now on. We helped him move his furniture and belongings to his new place. His mattress was tied on top of my friend's van and we had to hurry and made it in before the rain. I feel very good helping a friend and having the rare endorphin release.

The other accomplishment that I was proud of was my creation of a caramel banana coconut cheesecake, my friends told me it was better than any shop bought cheesecake they have ever tasted and even I'm quite bad of accepting compliments, I still took it hook, line and sinker. And to top of the cake, other than the caramel sauce and bananas and the delicious BBQ food, I also had an incredible run in Mahjong this week and won like $40. Yippee!

You win some, you lose some, right?

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