Another Hot Summer Day

>> Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's supposed to be 110 degrees Fahrenheit today and tomorrow. Unbelievable, I don't think I've ever experienced this heat during my years in northeastern United States. It's so bright outside that the pavement is emitting light. It's too sunny a day for me. My perfect day is cool, cloudy and windy, that's my kinda weather. I'm supposed to go out tonight to the circus, I wonder if how I can even go out in this heat. Thank god there's air conditioning at home and at the circus.

I started my diet yesterday, got a $7 salad for lunch and made cabbage and pork for dinner. The cabbage and pork is really addictive. I put ginger in it and salted the pork before cooking, it was surprisingly good. I think I might just make it a few more time, since it was so easy to make and I seemed to be satisfied afterwards. I made so half-boiled eggs and pastrami for breakfast, it is not the same without toast. I'm still a bit hungry, looked through all the vitamin water in the coffee shop for something flavorful to drink, but everyone of them have 13g of carbohydrates, I guess I won't be drinking anything but water here for a while.

It's August already and soon it'll be January. By the end of December, my company would have to downsize drastically. Although I was guaranteed a position afterwards and I need this job to get my green card. I was thinking if I wanted to stay with my company at all. The problem is my boss intend to keep useless people around, while he say that they are loyal, in my opinion they don't produce at all. I'm more of a merit-based person, while my boss is a relation-based person. I can't agree with my boss and that would just mean more work will be on my shoulder while others get to lounge, I don't know if I want that. They have been f#@king things up pretty badly, but my boss don't even say anything to those idiots, so maybe my company is not the place for people like me anymore. One of my colleagues is trying to start something new, and she asked me to join her. I have the concept of our new project down and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be easy and profitable. But I still have to think about my green card situation, I might have to stay in this company for 19 more months just as my lawyer had said, I wonder if I have the patience. This may seem very snobby of me, but why do I have to struggle with other people's incompetence?

It's so hot today that even the heat from my laptop here is bothering me. I should just go home and watch TV or play videogame. Something to take my mind of the heat... and my diet!

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