>> Friday, August 25, 2006

There's someone living in my city that looks exactly like me, I'm convinced. Actually I know, because I've seen him in person. He hosts a local flim festival every year, I saw him on stage, heard him talk, he's real! Although, he doesn't sound like me and I only see him from afar so I don't know how tall he actually is and I don't quite seem to remember his name. My friend saw him on stage when we were attending the film festival, he thought we look similar but not exactly alike. He thought the guy look not as good as I do, he says I have a poor self image. But I didn't think the guy looked bad or anything, I just thought we look alike.

Every now and then there'll be someone coming up to me, saying "Didn't I see you somewhere before?", random people. A cab driver said to me one time, "Didn't I drive you to... the other night?", maybe it's just that "All asians look alike" thing, but I'm pretty sure it's the movie guy, my "Doppelganger". He must be a nice person, everyone that had mistaken me for him seems pretty happy to see me.

It'll be nice if I can get to know him and be friends so I can pretend to have a brother, I always wanted one. To learn how his life is, what his background is, it may give me some answers to my "What ifs". But how am I supposed to befriend him? "We look alike, let's be friends???" I mean how ridiculous would that sound? But somehow I'm quite comfortable with the fact that there's somebody would looks exactly like me walking around the same town, almost happy, really.

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