Foul Mood

>> Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This morning I decided to wake up earlier so I can start walking to work. It's not really that long a walk and I can save $6 everyday if I do that instead of taking the cab. I got to the office before 9am, and I immediately start working. In come the building manager saying "This is the part of the problem!", pointing at my half-opened window. My operation manager came in behind him and sheepishly explained that the bathroom window was opened last night and the rain that came in caused a small flood in the men's room.

The building manager was a smuck with an attitude that everytime I see him I want to smack him in the face. Since I'm one of the few men in our office, he proceed to interrogate me with questions to see if I left the window open yesterday and told me the window should bnever be opened. It was not the right way to approach me, especially not in the morning. So I told him the reason I opened "MY" office window is because I was cold, there's no way for me to turn the air conditioner off, there's no way to control the temperature in the office and that's why I open up my window. As for the window in the men's room, it was kept open all year long. If he needs the window to be shut all year round, he can either paint it shut or nail it shut. He said that he shouldn't have to do that and we should tell people not to open the window again. I snapped. "I really don't have time to stand by the men's room window and tell everybody who entered not to open the window." He can put a sign there, we share an office with a doctor's office, there's no way I can tell every patient that come in, not to open the bathroom's window. He can tell the cleaning crew to close the windows when they clean, and I shouldn't have to teach his how to manage the building.

The whole incident put me in a foul mood since this morning. I mean, what do they want from me? I work my ass off everyday and other people are just lounging around. Why are they still harassing me with these little shitty thing? It's a good thing that he ran after I showed color on my face, I could really have chewed his head off. Maybe I woke up too early for my own sake, that's what put me in a fighting mode. But people who knows me, know to not mess with me in the morning.

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