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>> Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm a procratinator with a short attention span. I know, it's the worst. I was gonna go to New York today to fu=ind something for a friend but I was playing games online and watching TV at the same time. By the time I'm done playing it was already quite late. So I decided to prospone my trip til next week.

I read one of my cookbook and decided to make roast beef. So I get of my ass and went to the market. I have to say this diet is costing me a fortune. By the time I'm done dieting, I'll lose a few pounds and all my savings with it. The 4-pound tenderloin costed me $65. Maybe I can stretch it out and eat it for the whole week.

Then, I went to this Japanese restaurant around Chinatown that has great Bento boxes and ordered a Sashimi deluxe. It was around 3 pm and I was the only customer inside. It's called Mixx and it's a relatively new shop with great prices on everything. The deluxe costs $20 and there's approximately 20 pieces of fish. The quality is ok, I mean the fish is on the muscular side and not exactly premium grade, but I liked it. It comes with a bowl of rice and soup or salad which I can't really touch, but I had the salad anyway. After I finish, they even gave me chocolate ice cream for free, but I had to rudely ask them to take it back because I'm on a diet. Everytime I go there they give me free ice cream. I'm sure I went there knowing that fact. Maybe I went there because I wanted to tempt myself. How sick am I?

I talked shop with the sushi chef for a while. That shop is right next to Chinatown and the prices are really reasonable. I thought they would do great business, but then I thought most foreign people are scared of new things, especially when they are raw. And if they come to Chinatown their intentions would not be Japanese food and no matter how reasonable the price maybe it can never be cheaper than Chinese Food anyway. Maybe that's why their businees hasn't been picking up much since they opened. Anyway I wish them well. It'll be upseting that they have to close down, because I really liked eating there. (And the free ice cream, of course...) We had a great Japanese/Korean seafood buffet in town called Oasis and they had to close because they were losing money, that was really a shame.

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