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>> Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yes, it's another post about myself. What an egomaniac? I recently read a post of a friend which describes personality. So I went online to do a personality test and find out that I'm actually an aggressive type. It surprises me because all along I thought myself as quite a laid-back person, if best, I am can only be passive aggressive. So I have a type A personality, type A's are more likely to succeedbut are also more proned to heart-attacks and heart-related health problems. But I'm so lazy, how can I be a type A?

Although lately I do realized that I get hostile very easily. I have to tell myself "not everybody is against me". It's hard when I come from a family that pinpoint every mistake I make, I'm pretty much brainwashed to believe otherwise. You might find most of my postings I blame my unbecomings on my family, but I do believe it's mostly true. Of course, there are great things about my family, but I believe that I have suffered some psychological trauma due to my family. (I don't even know if I'm exaggerating...)

I get obsessive at times, lately I have been on Yahoo! Games a lot playing Mahjong and a card game called Pyramids. I played Pyramids so much that at night I'm dreaming about it. I get cold, defensive, sarcastic, cynical, passive aggressive, some even think I am a very angry person. If politics is an art, sarcasm should be an art too, it's much prettier and a lot more brilliant. The bad thing about me is I can't hide my feeling, I can't shut my mouth, if something is on my brain, it's very hard for me to not say it. It just blurp right out, I have to learn how to better control my impulse.

By the way, I'm saying all this because I use this blog as a mental page. If I insulted you or bored you along the process, I'm very sorry!

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