The Problem of Knowing

>> Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last night was kinda disappointing. I guess it's become I've seen the same show too many times, so I know how it was supposed to go. The main character in Quidam is john, who was supposed to be played by this 6'5" white guy who is an excellent mime actor. But he got replace by this short dude whose mime acting lack luster. There were so many mishaps in the show that makes it looks like a rehearsal act.

Other than the Vis Versa, Diabolos, the Banquine and the Rope-skipping, they are all forgettable acts and they are all pretty much the same. They might be able to do well as lone acts, but when you put everything together they seemed too much alike and too repetitive. The clown acts while entertaining, took too long to finish. Seems like more than a third of the show belong to clowns. I don't know why but it did not impress me as much as it did. While many shows have been improved or rearranged, the whole feeling of it changed. They should really get rid of the cloud swing. I never got the point.

The heat and my diet might have got into me. We went to a Mexican restaurant before the show, all I can get was steak with pico de gallo and a slab of guacamole. Can't have frijoles, can't have rice, can't have Jarrito. I so wanted to have ice cream in this heat. But I was trying to be good. Two small bottles of water in the circus cost $9.00

I have been reading labels before I buy stuff. Do you know that a standard serving size of a small 20 oz bottle of Sprite is 8 oz. That means you are supposed to separate that palm size bottle and drink it two and a half times? Who are they kidding? And I just find out that soy sauce does not contain any carbs. I don't know why I didn't figure it out before. I guess I thought everything in a diet would be tasteless. Oyster sauce is not so bad either, so I guess I'll use some of that.

Today it's suppose to "feel like" 115 degrees, I hope I don't die in the heat.

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