The Sinking Ship

>> Thursday, August 31, 2006

So everybody is looking for a new job. One of my friendlier colleagues went to an interview at another non-profit company that offers better salary and benefits. He is interviewing for an account payable manager position, if he gets the job he'll be getting a raise, more vacation time plus he'll be working flex time. There are only 2 people interviewing for the job and from the looks of it, it is very very possible that he'll get the job; he was well prepared, charismatic and he sent the handwritten thank you cards right after the interview. It'll be hard if he's gone, but I do hope he gets the job.

Other people are applying for jobs in big corporate companies, other non-profits, universities and hospitals. I have been putting that task in the back burner. The thing is I've been in this organization for more than 5 years now and due to the lack of training, I think I'm quite behind on a lot of technology stuff, so I'm not confident enough to apply for IT jobs. I never got any Microsoft certifications and I pretty much give back all the things I've learned post-graduate back to the university. Though, I still think my math skills and my analytic skills are better than average, maybe I can apply for relevant jobs like business analyst, financial analyst or statistical work.

I know a few languages, maybe that would help out. Since the Chinese market is the next big thing, I'm sure a lot of company would be looking for people who speaks Chinese. My job experience here will probably help me too. One of my friends used to wokr for the UN and she liked it a lot, maybe I can look for jobs in the UN. Their official languages are English and French, I'll be set if I keep up with my French. But if I do work for them, it'll mean that I would have to moved to New York and the living expenses are quite a bit higher there. I really want to know what's gonna happen to me, and with my visa status. I hope I can find another job soon.

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