The Brilliance of Stephen Lynch

>> Thursday, August 17, 2006

I consider myself a music lover, and there's a wide range of music that I enjoy. My favorite type of music is R&B/Soul, but I also like Pop, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Rock, Dance, House, Blues, Alternatives, Reggae and everything in between. Since I'm from HK, of course I would listen to some Canto-Pop. And during my course of life, I learned to appreciate Reggaeton and Cumbias. So you can imagine how much my iPod means to me.

To liven my llistening pleasure, I also burned a few comedy CDs into my iPod so when I'm shuffling my songs I get some unexpected cheerfulness coming on to make my life happier. It does work, I find myself giggling all the time walking down the street. Yes, I'm the annoying crazy dude that suddenly bursting into laughter and scare the shit out of everybody else. So far, I have Dane Cook, Margaret Cho and Stephen Lynch. As you can see, I'm a liberal curved to the left.

Among these comedians, I like Stephen Lynch the best. He is just a very talented singer-songwriter who writes these magnificently absurd songs which makes you laugh so hard that snot comes out of your nose. Of course, some of them could gross you out and some of you may not be able to stand the number of curse words or their suggestive nature. But it just make the songs so much more interesting. Stephen seems to be in his best when he's playing live, the reactions from the audience amplifies his energy. He's musically and lyrically gifted. With a guitar, he sings his songs in various styles. Each piece of his work is carefully crafted to make his punch line stands out. You just can't help but enjoy yourself and laugh yourself silly.

I hope Stephen will continue to publish more materials. While being the headliner for The Wedding Singer could be a great career move so more people will know who he is, I think most people love Stephen for his own act. If you want to hear some of Stephen's stuff, you can go to his website. The ones I personally like the best are [Love Song], [Little Tiny Moustache], [Vanilla Ice Cream], [Talk To Me], [She Gotta Smile], [For The Ladies], [D&D], [Lullaby], [Albino], [Pierre], [Down To The Old Pub Instead], [Bitch] and [What If That Guy From Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?]

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