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>> Thursday, August 24, 2006

One of my colleagues forced to to go to the gym with him. There's this new gym around the office called Sweat (appropriate but ironic), and they have a free 7-day trial thing that we signed up. One of my best friends gave me a 3-month membership at another gym as a birthday gift before and I did sign up at that gym for two years. I might be enthusiastic at first but after that it gets boring then I avoid going completely.

Actually my problem with the gym is mostly that there are like tons of people there fighting for machines and equipments. And the machines were old, the air conditioning non-existant, no music and no TV. It was like paying a few hundred dollars for a second-grade run down gym.

This new gym is great. Tons of machines, don't have to fight for it. And each and everyone of them has a little personal TV with lots of cable channels. I really like it. I might just sign on for a longer period after the 7 days and really start exercising and hopefully losing more weight.

So me and my colleague went together Monday and Wednesday, just for 30 minutes cardio. It was quite intense, I can't barely move afterwards, that's how bad a physical state I'm in. My thighs still hurt like hell. Interestingly, I discovered that my diet is having a strange effect on me, I get tired nowadays easier. I thoguht I was lack of sleep, but when I eat something I feel a lot better. I guess it makes sense to other people but it's the first time that I feel this way.

Also I sneaked a little bit of bread and rice in my mouth yesterday, chewed and spat it out. That's so sick... But I still want to go on this diet, maybe until the end of September.

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