>> Monday, August 21, 2006

A blogmate named Thena posted something very inspiring yesterday on her blog Kill Bunny entitled "Sorry For Forgetting That You're Not Me" It's inspiring because I think most of us are out here looking for an answer to life's biggest question, i.e. Why are we here? What's my purpose in life?

While I use my blog as a diary to write down things that happened through my daily life, it records my mental state. Part of it is my still unfinished thesis on what would I like to be when I grow up, looking for my own purpose. In Thena's post, she question why people even bother with soul-searching; There might never be an answer, or even if there is, it maybe of little significance. I wonder why I called myself a cynic and never reached that high ground.

I think in some way I was being very naive. Let's say we found life's purpose, what then? What good would that do? We'll still have cynics like myself to question that and rebels who go against it. We'll still have to earn a living, live our daily mundane life. So instead of wasting our time to search for the one true love or the one purpose in life that cannot possibly be found, we just need to except that life is just what we put into it. Nothing more, nothing less. We should quit telling ourselves that each of us are special in our own way. Not all of us has an unique gift; After all, there are 6.6 billion people on earth, how unique and special and significant can one be?

But then, won't that make everything we do quite pointless? Why even write a blog? Why even do anything at all? Maybe life is of little significance, but somehow we have to tell ourselves otherwise. For our own sake, we have to set our own purpose and run for it. If not, how can one live with oneself?

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