Ye Have Little Faith

>> Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My colleagues and I were discussing the various charities and causes that we have done personally. Giving back to the community is nice but rarely done in my part. I'm too skeptic. I work in a non-profit that receives donation sometimes, but the donations are being set aside as "unrestricted funds" and more often than not it's being used to pay for my executive director and other staff's traveling fees and meals that no other funding would pay for. I'm sure we are not unique in this situation and I don't have a problem with using these donations to increase the salary to already unnderpaid staff, but to use other people's good intent for other people lavish lifestyles, such as airplane tickets to a conference that they won't even attend or meals at a five-star restaurant is, how should I put it... Wrong!

We used to do the AIDS walk every year, after we realized that only 25% of the raised funds goes to service and the other 75% goes to administration costs, we don't walk no more. Plus, HIV nowadays are not as deadly as they once were, so nobody cares as much. Katrina, 9/11 and breast cancer seems to be good causes, but they all seem so distance. If there any causes I would walk for, is getting George W. out of the White House. But for a lot of reasons, I don't believe in donating money.

I used to give money to homeless people who ask for money on the streets, until somebody told me not to because they are just gonna use it to buy drugs ans alcohol. Other places I've been has triads that organize a group of poor old people begging on the streets and take their money as an income. I never understand why churches pass that basket either, and the story they tell about poor man gave the church every he has is far more impressive than the rich man sharing part of his fortune is such a scam. I don't trust organized religion. Nowadays with all the child molestation cases that the Vatican don't even condemn the priests for doing it. I think the churches' moral values are a little crooked.

Some department stores would set up a X'mas tree where children's wishes on them, so you can buy things in the department store to fulfill those wishes. I know those children are from less fortunate families and all, but that is such a shitty scam from the department stores, you have to buy those things full price from the stores, and most toy drive only accept new toys. What's the deal with that? Getting rich from people's good intentions? Hell, nah.

I really want to do some good though. I do believe in the boy scout's motto "Do one good thing a day." I try to be nice to people, I try to smile. I donate can goods and clothing every year. Buy the homeless guy a breakfast sandwich. I believe that a person has to try their best to support themselves first before asking for help. If they seem young enough and can walk and stuff, I won't bother. They should just get a job and work like the rest of us. I don't like to work either but I am still doing it. Asking for money is easy, earning it is the hard part.

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