>> Saturday, August 26, 2006

A lot of people like to invite drama into their life, I try to stay out of it as much as I can. I understand the value of drama, it's a release of emotions, it's entertaining, and a lack of drama can make life dry. I was against Mary J. Blige when she said "No More Drama", I was against Sinead O'Connor when she said she was not gonna scream in her songs anymore; they are singers, the need to express their emotions, it's a part of why we love them. But I don't want drama in my life because I don't want to hate anyone around me or talk behind somebody's back.

If I can choose I'd like everyone around me to be good folks and I want them all to prosper. I want all of us to do good, I don't want to envy people. But then that wish is like winning the lottery, it's quite unattainble. After all there ARE assholes in our lives and we can't build a wall around ourselves fast enough to block them out.

I'm usually very laid back and reserved, but when someone provoke me I can go pretty far out, even to an uncontrollable state. That's why I steer out of drama. When I need to express my emotions or stored up anger, I rather listen to music, watch TV or play TV games. Maybe there's why I bitch so much on this blog, typing out my anger, this should be healthy.

I do think people needs drama in their lives, or else life would be too boring for them. The only thing I hate is when people jump to every opportunity to create drama. They read into every little comment you make and try to make a big deal of every move you make. It's like having paparazzi and tabloids surrounding you. It's a stressful environment when people feed on this kinda thing. The only thing you can do is befriend them even it's against your will. "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer."

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