Halloween Costume Idea 2010

>> Tuesday, October 05, 2010

For two years in a roll now, I've gone to the Halloween Ball happening here in Philadelphia. For my very first costume party two years ago, I went as a Chinese Vampire, I altered a graduation gown into a Ching Dynasty royal official's robe bought some fabric for the edges, a cap, shoes, make up and all to complete the look and I've to say it looked pretty good. Even the Chinese lady at the Chinatown restaurant was quite spooked when me and some friends left the ball and decide to have some late night food.

I guess I was inspired by Project Runway and despite my bad sewing skills, I spent about a week or two gathering materials and it was not really that hard tacking cloth onto cloth and the result wasn't too horrible.

The second year, I went out with the boyfriend and since he decided to be his sexy Wolverine self, I decided I was going to be X-Men's Colossus, capitalizing on my big forehead and short black hair. At the same time, I was inspired by a site or two about duct tape costume and thought it would be a lot cheaper and easier to do. Boy was I wrong.

Maybe I should have planned ahead like the boyfriend suggested but in making the costume at the last minute, it got us both frustrated. I ruined a good belt, my nicest pair of trunks, and got a mild panic attack being in a duct tape girdle. Plus the whole thing came off looking poorly and smelled pretty bad. Never. Again.

This year we decided to plan way ahead. The boyfriend already chosen something ethnic that looks amazing on him and strangely fits his personality. Wanting to match the theme, I'd also be something ethnically I'm not - a Japanese Guy. Concept-wise, I drawn it from animes that I've watch when I grew up, something related to Doraemon or Mr. Ajikko. Like a Japanese vegetable or seafood vendor that looks a little bit like Zolo from One Piece but with a handband and not as sexy.

The look evolved a little after I think about it and afraid that the Halloween Ball people would think that I didn't go far enough and charge me full price for a ticket. I modified it a little to make it more out there.

1. A white headband
2. Kabuki Make Up
3. A Japanese Oni/Hannya/Tengu Mask.
4. A Happi Coat
5. A white buttoned undershirt.
6. A green Haramaki.
7. A pair of black pants that is loose on top and skinny in the bottom.
8. White Tabi socks.
9. Black wooden Getas.

During a trip to my mecca giant Japanese supermarket compound Mitsuwa, I've successfully acquired item 4, 5 and 8 at a steep cost. There are certain nice Japanese masks on Ebay but most of them cost an arm and a leg and all I wanted was a red plastic Hannya mask for one night. I end up buying an OK looking one at a relatively affordable cost.

I'm personally knitting my own Haramaki using a tan cotton yarn. In hind sight, I could have just cut up a sweater that I don't use anymore or go to H&M and got some scarf and roll them around my stomach. The yarns and effort don't come cheap. Even though I found the pants I like on Amazon Japan, I'm a bit iffy buying them online without trying them on, they only sell them in Medium and Large, god knows in Japanese standard I'm probably XL, also I don't think they mail those internationally. I got a pair of black cargos to make do. I also can't seem to find a good large pair of Getas for my large feet. There are brilliantly attractive ones that I don't think will fit. Since Zolo wears boots, maybe I'll do that instead, but then I will have to return my tabis.

For a guy with little to no knowledge about applying make up, it'll be quite hard for me to do a kabuki one a la E. Honda. I wonder how many things I've to invest in to achieve the look. Of course an 80s platinum blond rocker wig will also look awesome with it.

Hope it'll all look good by the time I'm done.

Can anyone tell me if I really have to buy a dozen of make up tools to achieve a similar look?

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