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>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

I know this Rachel Maddow clip is from Monday night and it's 13+ minutes long but I think it's worth watching.

So there's a culture war going on and the Teabagger conservative resurgence are running for office all over the country. In my liberal slightly leftish mind, I see all these folks are highly unelectable but god forbid if they do get into office.

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino who sent/passed on emails from his government email account to his friends and colleague of a horse fucking a woman and other sexist comments and porn, racist jokes, pictures and other sentiments. The same Carl Paladino who had a child with his mistress, an exstaffer nonetheless, Carl Paladino who has a gay nephew who's helping him to run his campaign, had called the gays not a valid and successful option. Apparently the speech is written by homophobic Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Carl Paladino had issued an apology since but if elected, Carl plans to "utilize emptied New York prisons as dormitories for the poor where they could work in state-sponsored jobs, get employment training and take lessons in "personal hygiene." Imprisoning the homeless, problem solved! Carl has also been caught threatening to take a reporter out, a true old time gangster at heart.

Teabagger darling Delaware gubernatorial candidate "I'm not a witch, I'm you" Christine O'Donnell other than not understanding how evolution works, dabbling into witchcraft and being anti-masturbation (Aren't those values conflicting?) just said that by repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell is like allowing adultery within the military. Apparently Christine O'Donnell has lied about her entire education history, claiming that she attended Oxford, Princeton and Claremont Graduate University while no one has heard of her and she has just obtained her undergraduate from Fairleigh Dickinson last month, so her commercial about never attended Yale was true. Christine O'Donnell has also been accused of misusing campaign funds and living off it instead of paying her campaign staff, While being anti-masturbation because of the lord and spreading rumors that her opponent is gay, unmarried Christine O'Donnell enjoys sex quite a bit according to her neighbor who constantly hear her sex screams.

Nevada Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle is famous to imply a "2nd Amendment solution" if things don't go her teabagger way and when asked what she means by that, she just smile her schmuck smile and say "Anything is possible". Angle also believes that insurance companies should have the right to drop coverage whenever they feel like it and that the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated. Also Sharron Angle believes that the U.S. should withdraw from the United Nations. Much like Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle enjoys running, especially when she's faced with questions from reporters about her own statements and platform.

South Carolina Senatorial candidate Jim DeMint is better known as a homophobe who recently has repeated his running platform in 2004 where he said that gays and sexually active unmarried women should not be teachers. Jim DeMint is also known for praying for the failure of health care reform along with Michelle Bachman, Sam Brownback and evangelical extremist Pastor Lou Engle. Jim Demint is also against net neutrality. Jim DeMint comes fully endorsed by the AFA, NOM and other hateful organization, given how consistently anti-gay he is, I would have put it in the "Thou doth protest too much" category if he wasn't such a loon.

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer was the cause of why gay people were boycotting Target early this year (Are we still doing that?) Minnesota Target had donated $150K Tom Emmer's Minnesota Forward campaign and Best Buy had donated $100K, while the campaign donated money to the ministry of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International who manages a punk rock band that goes on Minnesota public radio that advocates for the killings of gay and lesbians. Funny, because you would think that teabaggers and bible-thumpers will be against Muslims but in the program the band actually agrees with Muslims in their prosecution of gays. With a history of DWI, Emmer proposed a bill to shorten the license revocation period of DWI and for refusing a sobriety test.

Oregon 4th District Congressional candidate one-time scientist Art Robinson believes that global warming is made up and that we should breakdown and dilute nuclear waste and sprinkle it into the ocean to get rid of it because low radiation is good for us. Also Art Robinson believed AIDS is a myth, a government conspiracy and those gay people died because of exposure to homosexual behavior. Also Art Robinson believes that public education should be abolished.

It's hard to imagine what the country will be like with these people in office but all these people have serious financial backing and they all do have a shot at it. It's a scary world that we're heading to and at the same time, if these people can run for office, why can't I?

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