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>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, after calling themselves teabaggers they are comparing themselves to poisonous snakes. I find that interesting.

via HuffPo

With the rightwingers justifying hate speech as their first amendment rights and Baptist Church and anti-gay religious group showing up at gay pride parades and other place that they are not wanted but protected by law enforcements, it's hard to understand why the opposite cannot be true.

The first video is of the much covered incident where campaign coordinator of Rand Paul, Tim Profitt stomped on the head of MoveOn.org Lauren Valle when miss Valle tried to approach wearing a wig and armed with nothing but a RepubliCorp sign. Tim Profitt claimed that he was trying to protect Rand Paul from harm but from a longer version of the footage, you can see there are waves of people between Rand Paul and Ms. Valle. Tim Profitt also claimed that he has a bad back and that's why he used his feet to step on Ms. Valle's head and that honestly, HE should be the one receiving an apology. Ok, then.

The second video is from another incident on Tuesday where Republican candidate was holding a local meet and greet at a Virginia coffee shop. The man who got wrestled down by cops is John Taylor, a local Democrat showed up with a sign supporting the opposing candidate and refused to leave when asked to, so the cops intervened and the rest was captured on tape above.

Another incident involved Alaskan Senate candidate and Sarah Palin's pal Joe Miller who during a town hall meeting of a public school got his goons to detained and handcuffed a local reporter and accused him of trespassing a private event.

Given I will support a violent treatment to taunters like the Westboro folks protesting a dead soldier's funeral, but reporters? First, candidates like Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell running away from reporters who simply wanted to ask them questions and now they are met with violence? That's a bit too much.

Instead of fighting for lower taxes, Tea Partiers and Republicans alike are getting into a worrisome militant stance. Our freedom of having our first amendment rights are giving way to the need for second amendment expressions of some. You can almost smell the start of a one-sided revolution, how is the left going to protect ourselves? If the right is going to silence their opposition with violence, how is United States better than communist China?

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