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>> Friday, October 08, 2010

Thanks to Bill Maher retrieving his old video footage from his days at Political Incorrect, crazy opportunist loon Christine O'Donnell was caught saying that she had practiced witchcraft during her college years amongst other more outrageous things. Truly, who cares if she "dabbled" into witchcraft when she was a teenager, but the questioning of why monkeys are not transforming into human now amongst other more outrageous things like being anti-masturbation do make her crazy.

Someone at her camp churned out this piece of public relation brilliance:

It actually made her look sane and sincere. Wearing a dark blue power suit and a strand of pearls, Christine O'Donnell is trying to look credible and substantial. "I'm not a witch..." with only a slight hint of incredulity, she dismissed the notion of what she herself has admitted and blown it to smithereens. "I'm nothing you've heard. I'm you. None of us are perfect." Way to level with her audience. She's like a girlfriend, a counselor, someone that people can trust.

But I have to object. She's nothing like me. I masturbate. Other than a year or two where I went through my goth stage wearing black and my fondness of tarot cards, I've never dabbled into witchcraft or seen a sacrifice alter. I believe that evolution is more than a theory and I know that it takes a long, long time for species to evolve. To say that she's just like me is an insult in my left-wing elitist mind. So I'm dismayed to see her commercial airing in my channels probably due to me being so close to the State of Delaware.

Other than the commercial, Christine O'Donnell had bowed out on any national media exposure. No doubt, feeling the heat of her past indiscretion. I mean how embarrassing would it be to be asked about her witchcraft or masturbatory practices. No, like many others I don't want someone who's just like anybody else to be a senator, I want someone high IQ and who's willing to put in hard work to be the leader. Not just some witchy woman.



Here's a new one from the same campaign titled: "I didn't go to Yale". Yale doesn't except crazy people, it should have been "I couldn't go to Yale"

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