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>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As much as I loathe Republicans and Teabaggers alike calling their opponents to "man up" and "get their man pants on" to challenge their opponents' masculinity or to imply that they could be gay or using homosexuality as an issue on robocalls to scare their voters to vote their way as if they're telling campfire ghost stories to scare kids, apparently homosexuality is not the only scare tactics.

Joining Blacks, homosexuality, taking old people's meds and medicare away, and illegal immigrants (aka Latinos) is the Chinese!

Gotta love the gong sound and fortune cookie.

This one is way better done.

The bleak black and white room with Chinese propaganda decorations, the evil Chinese professor with the insane laugh. The Chinese is not only here to take your job, they are here to enslave your people!

With a booming economy going on in China and its large population that translate to one of the largest market in the world, their economy is bound to surpass the US. We do still owe the Chinese almost 1 Trillion dollars and it will take time to give that back but it makes little sense to turn on our lendors.

Actually the US should utilize the Chinese economy and invest in it. Since introducing the first Starbucks in China in 1999, the number of stores has increased to 376. Resource-hungry China has Africa's growth by increased trading between the two countries. Via the Wall Street Journal:

In a report released Monday, the International Monetary Fund said that growth for the sub-Saharan region—which typically counts 47 countries excluding North Africa—should reach 5% this year, up from an earlier prediction of 4.5%. The IMF predicted annual growth would rise to 5.5% next year. The organization attributed the increase mainly to strong economic fundamentals, such as high levels of reserves and low inflation. But it also noted a marked shift toward trade with resource-hungry China and developing countries in Asia and Latin America.

Africa's growth acceleration has stirred interest among investors, since it comes as the U.S. and Europe are struggling to recover from the global slump. After China and India, Africa is seen as the next emerging, billion-person market—one that boasts not just mineral wealth but increasingly large pockets of consumer spending power, too.
In fact, the relationship between China and Africa is building so rapidly that one of the news anchor on CCTV, the governmental television channel is from Zimbabwe.

Instead of feeling that China is, somehow, taking advantage of US, we all should think about how we can take advantage of the booming economy of China.

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