Destroying The Value Pack

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I get frustrated when people claim to defend family values or Christian values or traditional values. While I do believe that there are values that is worth upholding, those claimed values defenders only seems to use the term to discriminate.

Being a Christian used to be something to be admired, like Mother Theresa who used to rally people to help people in the third world. In the old days, flocks of Christians will go to underdeveloped countries to teach children how to read and help with horticulture, nutrition and disperse medical care. Those were the Christians I grew up admiring. Nowadays, those causes get delegated to televangelists who claimed to help out while using money from their congregation to buy giant mansions and yachts. If not, it's pedophilic priests and pastors who likes to touch kids and store kiddie porn on their computers. Instead of working on ending poverty and other more meaningful causes like helping out the Tsunami/Earthquake victims, The Pope is busy concealing their pedophilic priests and transferring them to other parts of the world so they can be free to start all over again. Vatican is so laden with useless stunts and bureaucracy that it is still deciding whether they should apologize for issues that had happened decades or even centuries ago.

The average Christian don't even go to church every Sundays. The average Christian have not yet finished the whole Bible and probably won't in their lifetime. The average Christian don't care about passage mentioning prohibiting them to wear clothes of mixed fabrics or eating seafood without fins or scales. The average Christian have never and probably won't initiate or even participate in a stoning of disobedient children or an adulterer. Even though adultery and theft belong in the Ten Commandments, no on out there is condemning, harassing or making them second class citizens. No Family Association comes out with studies claiming adultery as a deviant behavior or a disease, nobody is revoking marriage license for divorcees who had once claimed "Til death do us apart" in front of an altar inside a church in front of god. But on gay marriage, Christians will hold up their bibles and said it's against their values, values that they get to pick and choose.

Teabaggers claimed that they want to take back their country from their Black President and if they don't get their ways, they are threatening to form militias for second amendment remedies. At the same time, other teabaggers are saying that we need to protect the borders from pregnant Mexicans that will drop anchor babies once they land in American soils. People are threatened to not pay taxes, they are crazed and scrambling to maintain their own status quo. United States used to be exemplify a dynamic progressive country. It was the land of opportunity, the land of the free, the land of equality and justice, a pretty picture that got painted by Hollywood and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. These days, we recognize that race is still very much an issue, any kind of minorities are discriminated against. While dumbasses who have never read the constitution gets to run for office and use campaign funds to fund their lifestyle, politicians get elected so they can be swayed and bought by big industries. Protecting American values my ass.

I don't know what they think will happen if they don't defend their values, maybe the whole population will subject to brainwash so everyone will convert to be gays or if they relax that their black president will take away all their possessions. At the end, maybe they are all upset that their world is changing before their eyes and since they are not educated about subject like homosexuality and people of color that they become uneasy. But, clearly treating other people with contempt is not the way to solve any problems.

While having a set of preset values is handy, we all need to re-exam our priorities and see what is it about those values that is truly good and beneficial to the society as a whole. Sure, religion is great for some but if the church you belong to spends more time to condemns people than to help people, then why would you still want to associate yourself with that particular church? We all need to look inwards to see what's really important to us and recognize lies when we hear one.

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