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>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amidst the wave of LGBT teenage suicide which is still happening, a week or two ago LDS church elder Boyd Packer came out to speak against homosexuality.

On a post on Joe.My.God, I made a sly comment about how unfortunate it is for a religious leader to be named Boyd Packer, I mean come on, a name like that in that setting is practically begging to be ridiculed. Somehow that comment was the first for the post and some random anon who's fervently against the LDS tagged on it so his/her comment can appear near the top of the chain, and then some random LDS defender named Celeste who has misconceptions about gays stated her ignorance on her post.

I would have cared less, since it wasn't toward what I said I would have glazed over this little exchange and move on. But apparently some folks still go back and read the past posts and comments, and Celeste will still defend her position no matter how ill conceived they are, so I put my foot in and asked her to back off. Apparently, Celeste is convinced that gay people can change their orientation at will and of all 10 gays that Celeste knows, all of them seemed to have been molested at some point in their lives and Celeste is convinced that this is why they are gay. She doesn't understand that why gays are forcing churches to marry them, also why gay people are so promiscuous or why some act like women while others are don't act like women. She says "If someone has a deviant behavior it is studied and gets understood by the science and medical community. But with the gay issue all I have ever heard is "they are born with it and it can't be changed."" For all I know Celeste can be a 14 year old girl feeling bored and cruising gay sites to rile things up, or she can be good old Maggie Gallagher trying to incite violence with something as outrageous as this. So I went in to rip her a new one.

At the end, she claimed that we will never see eye-to-eye on the issue, while she can never understand me being gay, she claimed that I will never be able to understand God. Meanwhile, I still pretty sure she's convinced that causes homosexuality. I have never been molested, I don't think any of my ex-boyfriends or close gay friends have ever been molested. All I know is perhaps two acquaintances telling me stories about them getting molested by priests. If anything, there's a larger correlation between religion and homosexuality. Maybe it's the half naked Jesus on the cross?

On the topic of gay teen suicide, AFA's Bryan Fischer as well as NOM' Maggie Gallagher are trying desperately to make themselves feel better by justifying that if it wasn't for the deviant homosexual than maybe gay teens won't be killing themselves. In the video below, Bryan Fischer is arguing that since gays cannot reproduce, we are recruiting students from kindergarten on and forcing them to declare that they are gay from a young age, these confuse young kids killed themselves because they can't handle the pressure of being deviants.

Maggie Gallagher, on the other hand, is discovering that gay teens are killing themselves in Massachusetts even though gay marriage had been legalized in that state 4 years ago. Hence, according to her column in the New York Post, legalizing gay marriage won't help and so she's not responsible for the death of LGBT kids. Her argument is that gay teens are messed up to begin with. According to some CDC studies that she pulled out from thin air, GLBT teens are more likely to have been sexually abused, more likely to use drugs and becoming or making someone else pregnant.

These people are have a preset image of what gays are and whatever facts are presented to them to counter that image are discarded aside. They think we are going to kindergartens and showing them gay porn videos. They think we are marching into their churches and forcing them to marry us. They think we are actively recruiting people to be gay. What impossibly outrageous notions.

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