Movie Review: Jackass 3D

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

In two years or so, every movie title will be "So & So 3D" which would make 3D redundant and render this argument improbable. Following the upcoming 3D televisions, maybe glasses will come pre-polarized and manufacturers will start producing polarized contacts. A new disease called the 3D Syndrome will surface where people can't tell whether they are watching a 3D graphic or actually watching something happening in real life and actually needs to resort to touching things to differentiate. More accidents will happen with people touching sharp objects and getting ran over by cars. It will be utter chaos.

At least half the movies I saw in theater for the past year were 3D movies; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Big Tits Zombie 3D, Toy Story 3, Piranha 3D. I own numerous pairs of 3D glasses in various stages of 3D technology, but I have never been more excited than when I heard the idea of putting Jackass in 3D. As people who's familiar with the MTV hit knows, there's really no plot to the Jackass franchise. Just a bunch of friends pulling horrible prank on each other. Viewers are tickled pink from extreme disgust and sheer schadenfreude.

Imagine making your friends enacting the worst/most disgusting idea you have in your life. Drink the sweat of a fat man, enrage a bunch of bees by kicking their nest around, crawling through a corridor buzzing with active tasers and cattle prods, spreading crazy glue on your hand and use it to wax your father's belly; disgusting, dangerous and insane stunts that you know you should never do but you're doing it because your friends are cheering you on. In the back of your mind, you clearly know it's stupid but you're making a movie and there's money to be made. Why not, right?

It's not important where they got their motivation from, really. I still enjoyed their insanely creative way to get themselves into situation that I wouldn't would attempt in my life. Sure, some skits are predictable and I'm pretty sure it's the same kind of humor from their TV series or their 2 former installments and I can't say if it's funnier or if they have topped themselves and god knows there are disgusting and puke inducing skits that I rather soon forget, but at the end despite the lack of substance, I still had a blast. Also, props for recognizing the general homoeroticism of the series and screening it at LA's leather gay bar Eagle. C+

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