Coin-Operated Park Bench

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

Via 8Asians

When resource-starved communist China was introduced to capitalism, people went all sorts of money-crazy. People were getting rich fast. Starbucks, yoga studios were opened up in every street corners. As long as you have a new idea that sounds foreign which equate to good, people will patronize and get behind it.

I didn't know this is the extend of it:

In Shangdong province eastern China, Yantai Park has installed coin-operated park benches that allows visitors to relax in the park only if they input coins for that privilege, or else metal spikes will ‘encourage’ the park-goer to stand instead. It must deter homeless people, if only they can make the spike sharper and someone could jump up in pain in a comedic way. Or maybe we can see old lady sitting in a stool beside it and use the bench to punch holes in doughnut or something.

It's worth noting that the coin-operated park bench was inspired by German artist Fabian Brunsing where a similar bench was created as a protest against the commercialization of modern life.

Apparently the Chinese doesn't have any concept of public property or relaxation. Anything for a buck, huh? Who knew that extreme capitalism is the next step of communism?

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