OKCupid Report: Straights vs. Gays

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Following the very interesting OKCupid report about the perfect profile pic, OKCupid had produced a report about the difference between gays and straights.

Based on their 3.2 million users, OKCupid had compiled their viewing habits, searching habits, profile contents and answers to some questionnaire and here is what they've found:

1) Homosexuals are not a threat to heterosexuality

- Only 0.6% of gay men have ever searched for straight man profiles.
- Only 0.1% of lesbians have ever searched for straight woman profiles
- Only 0.13% of visitors to straight man's profile are gay men.
- There's not a single gay man who primarily searches for straight men.

2) Gay people aren't any more promiscuous than straight folks

Median number of sex partners of any hetero or gay, male or female is 6.

- 45% of gay people have had 5 or fewer partners (vs. 44% for straights)
- 98% of gay people have had 20 or fewer partners (vs. 99% for straights)
- The two lines are pretty much identical.

3) A lot of straight people have had/would like to have gay sex

- Men seems less open than women (82% of straight men said no and never, 7% said yes and liked it, 6% said yes and didn't like it, 5% said no but would like to. The numbers for straight women are 49%, 26%, 7%, 18% respectively, It's safe to say that it is cultural?)

- The people who responded that they have had gay sex or would like to try are quantified to produce the above map. The are more likely to be from Canada, the US West Coast or New England.

4) Personalities

- By comparing straight men versus gay men, straight men seems to be disproportionally more into sports, they all seems to be more violent, more aggressive, hornier, dorkier and more religious, while gay men are more ambitious, artsier and more compassionate.
- Straight women seems more religious in comparison to lesbians and they also seem more optimistic, while lesbians are more into drugs, kinkier, artsier, more adventurous, more violent, hornier, more romantic and dorkier.
- Heteros regardless of gender seems to be more into sports perhaps it's more frequently a heterosexual topic. Gays and lesbians are understandably less religious, artsier (gay gene?), more compassionate, more literary, more political and more spontaneous.

5) Stuff We Like

Stuff Gay People Like

Stuff Lesbians Like

The higher and bigger the font is, the more it is mentioned in the group's profile. Apparently lesbians really like The L Word and something called Tegan and Sara. Funny the both gays and lesbians like the movie Running With Scissors (I didn't really), Imogen Heap (I like one of her songs), Tori Amos (whom I love), Katy Perry, Drop Dead Gorgeous (What's that?), Lily Allen, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mean Girls, Kelly Clarkson and cuddling.

Stuff Straight Men Like

Stuff Straight Women Like

Unless I'm missing something, straight men and straight women seems to have nothing in common. How do they find common ground? How could the human race have procreated? Is Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus actually an accurate analogy? At least after seeing the straight men list, I know that I belong to the gay category.

There seems to be little in common between gay men and straight men as well. While hetero people and lesbians had a more significant response that they like to hang out with their friends, friends seems to be less significant to gay men. Also straight people seem to have more activity based answers than gay people.

Anyway, the report is interesting. Go over and see for yourselves.

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