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>> Saturday, May 08, 2010

Betty White will be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, it was very much anticipated and in the cult-like haze of making that happen, I might have joined the Let Betty White Host SNL Facebook group, though I can't really remember if I had. Of course, Betty White was much beloved in the gay culture because she was in Golden Girl and I too have warmed up to the show.

As I understood, hosting SNL doesn't pay diddly squat and I truly hope that the writers will treasure the opportunity to work will a brilliant older comedienne. God knows pop culture in general focus too much on the younger generation and ignores the older ones. I hope the skits will be funny and offer a little bit of depth, something that will do Betty proud.

Following the spirit of a beloved TV Personalities, today's Meme is for us to pick our top 5 favorite TV personalities. It can be an animal like Lassie or even a cartoon character like Quagmire from Family Guy. Just provide a picture and a reference.

It's actually not as easy as I thought. There are a lot of shows that I enjoy but sometimes the best shows are when the characters work harmoniously with each other and no one steals the others' thunder like the actors of Friends or my latest craze The Big Bang Theory. But here we go:

1. Tim Gunn

I was a Project Runway nut when the show first started, I marveled at the creativity involved because I never thought about how clothing are created. Of the whole show, Tim of course was not meant to be the star but his serious demeanor, his thoughtfulness, his politeness conveyed his character to be caring and endearing. He is so likable that he got his own spin-off show as well as a feature appearance in the Iron Man Comics.

2. Jon Stewart

I can't believe when he first come on the Daily Show to replace Craig Kilborn, I wasn't sure about him because he seems more serious and the Daily Show was primarily comedy then. He has replaced soft news with a satirical view of real hard news and it was brilliant. I used to be quite cynical about politics but Jon Stewart had me care about things happening around me, he has become the voice of my generation. Even though his former correspondent Stephen Colbert seems to be funnier these days and I feel for Coco, Jon remains to be the voice of reason.

3. John Corbett

Whether it's Sex & The City or The United States of Tara, my eyes still goes to John Corbett whenever he's on screen. I haven't seen Northern Exposure but I imagine I'll probably like whatever show they put him in, the guy has charisma and good looks.

4. Will Smith

Another guy with tremendous charm is Will Smith and I used to be in front of the TV to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all the time. While I actually like Carlton's look (Only if he's taller, the hidden muscles underneath would work), Will Smith is funny as hell. I'm glad that he became a megastar and I'm sure all of us had seen that coming, I still treasure the days when he was on the show playing a rebel who's hilariously funny.

5. Mary Louise Parker

No matter if it's in Angels in America or Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker excels at playing ditsy, eccentric characters. Though in Weeds, she surprises viewers with a layer of viciousness. Playing a mother of two who becomes marijuana dealer, she's a whole lot of interesting. The viewer is constantly drawn to her impulsive ruthlessness and her urge to maintain balance in her life and her kids' lives.

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