Travelogue: May 2010 Edition

>> Friday, May 28, 2010

These days I'm hanging out with my straizian friends quite a bit. The circle seems to be constantly expanding and we are meeting up for party every single week, there are always some loud, annoying single girl around purring for straight boys. Being the only gaysian in this straizian circle is not easy at times, I feel like the only strange gay elephant in the room but we get too wrapped up with mahjong, cooking and videogaming to mind. In the beginning of the month, we ventured out to a State Park in Bucks County for a barbecue and there's where I met Yumi, this giant darling of a dog.

Cute. As. Shit. I don't know if the picture shows how giant this dog actually is, she's larger than some of the small skinny Asian girls there, including her owner. I imagine walking her might not be the easiest task.

With the same crowd, I also joined in for a night of Karaoke and I have to say I haven't really done so with a bunch of Asians for a long while. These folks enjoy playing various dice drinking games which is also something I haven't done for a long while. I also find their drink of choice very peculiar. I've never stepped into a bar and order a whole bottle of whiskey, a jar of ginger ale and a jar of cranberry juice to mix my own drink before. My grandma would call them bad influence.

In the past month, I've also visited New York twice. Once for some light shopping and hanging out and once for some personal agenda and Urban Bear Weekend. Since I couldn't stay overnight I do miss out on quite a bit of Urban Bear festivities, assuming there were much. I attended the street fair but was fairly disappointed by the turn out. The fair was held in a barred area off West 12th Street at the Meatpacker district right below the end of High Line Park. You have to pay $5 to go in to the small area in the middle of the street which doesn't have much of anything but the few vendors. If you don't want to pay $5, you can stand along the pavement or sit at the coffee shop nearby and still can see everything that is going on. There was about 100 people attending and it can be easily scratched off as a non-event. Though I still managed to snap a few pictures of some shirtless bears.

I do enjoy going to New York where there are a lot more fun things to browse and a lot more good things to eat. A friend managed to snap a shot of me infront of a restaurant. I look pretty good from behind. lol. I like the picture so much I even change my profile pics to this.

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