Recent Police Brutalities

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two weeks ago, during a Phillies baseball game with St. Louis Cardinals here in Phillies' home turf, a 17 years-old fan ran out onto the field and disrupted the game. A cop who ran after him used a stun gun on him and people were wondering if it's an excessive use of force. Haven't ever been tasered, I have no idea whether it is. Of course I'm sure it's not a great feeling. Even though at 17 and not streaking with commercials written on his naked body, the kid should know better than running out onto the field, so maybe the tasering was warranted.

At the same time, you can see the cop was out of shape and probably doesn't enjoy chasing after an in-shape 17 years old. The taser is probably the latest invention where the police force enjoy the most. It quickly renders the target incapable of any actions from a distance, it's almost telekinesis and what cop doesn't like a superpower to stroke their ego? Other than the porn star who try to swallow his bump while being tased die of asphyxiation, it's relatively harmless. But every week, you do hear cops tasering the student questioning John Kerry, the cop tasering an older woman who stepped out of her car, the male cop who chased around playfully with a female colleague and pulled out his taser gun. There seemed to be little guidelines or restraints regarding the use of it. I believe every taser gun user should have the first hand experience on being tasered just to know how it feels.

Above is a footage from an alleged robbery that happened in Seattle exactly a month ago. You can see a police officer stomping a Latino man’s head against the concrete, another officer stomping the man’s kneecap against the pavement, and the first cop threatening to “beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you.” Though later, the Latino man was released because they found out he wasn't even involved in the crime. The most appalling thing of all is that the TV station who got this footage dismissed it and refuse to report because it might damage their relationship with the local police. What about justice for the guy who suffered from the brutality for a crime he didn't commit?

In February, a police SWAT team busted into a Missouri residence and searched it for on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and second-degree child endangerment. I suspect the child endangerment part is just put in there to beef up the case but during the raid about a dozen of heavily armed police office busted in and shot a pit bull and a corgi. All of this was done in front of the suspect's wife and their 7 years old son, and all they found is a small bag of marijuana only enough for a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, the kid (probably the whole family) is probably looking for long term therapy with a side of uniform fetish. The pit bull dies instantly while the corgi is shot. Seriously... a corgi. They look like this:

Exactly how necessarily is it to disarm the corgi? The whole thing happened within minutes, so I'm not buying that the claim about the pit bull was unusually aggressive either.

Another Missouri incident involved a home harboring a homicide suspect. So the cops fired two flash grenade after busting in and when a cop bumped into a 46 years old woman in the front room, the cop fired a shot killing a 7 years old kid who was sleeping in the sofa. The cop who fired the gun claimed that there was "physical struggles" with the 46 years old grandma, but turned out he could have just bumped into her. More horrifying, the father of the 7 years old was held on the floor during the raid with his face pressed in the blood of her dead daughter. Hmm... if only it could be more horrifying like having him performing necrophilia on his dead daughter. I mean come on, what the hell is wrong with these cops? Are they afraid of their own lives, that's why they have to kill everyone in sight just for their own safety? Why flash grenades to confuse the issue then? And where are the high-tech heat goggles? And why not a weight limit, at least then it won't be as hard for them to chase people around and maybe they won't need to produce so much adrenaline and make them all violent.

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