Taking The Law Into Our Own Hands

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For a country that is developing and creating a large discrepancy between the rich and the poor, crime rate is bound to increase. In a highly populated nation like China, it's hard for criminals to get away with crimes they have committed. Literally, everywhere you turn there are people. All the victim has to do is scream and instantly the thief is surrounded. I guess the good thing is that the Chinese has a strong sense of right and wrong and they are not afraid of confrontations.

The above one happened last Monday in Wenzhou, China. In the beginning of this clip, you can see two people sitting on a scooter snatched the purse of a female pedestrian. When they tried to ride off, the pedestrian screamed and alerted, apparently, everyone in the vicinity. Soon, the scooter is forced to retreat back by 20-30 locals. At this point one of the thief pulled out a 20-inch blade and start fighting the onlookers who were carrying various weapons themselves and throwing cardboard boxes. I'm quite sure the thieves got what's due to them.

This one happened in Guangdong. I guess one of the favorite ways to rob someone is to have a two men scooter/motorcycle team? I love how inventive the passerby biker was. To use his bike and throw it on the thieves' motorcycle. The thieves wouldn't have gotten caught if it wasn't for him. I guess the key to catching the thieves is for the victim to yell out for help.

This one is from Shanghai. It shows you that some people will bother to help. Even it can be violent, I never had a problem with street justice. I guess I have watched too much superhero comics. Though what bothers me is how some cities in China has camera equipped in every crossroads and its citizens are constantly being taped and monitored. I guess the lesson here is don't commit any crimes in China, you won't get away with it and you maybe even get beat down or run over before getting to court.

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